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Abstract submission

We cordially invite you to submit your 2-page extended abstracts for poster and/or oral presentations to the Intermetallics 2023. The abstract booklet will receive an ISBN and will be also available online for cross-referencing. 

We are looking forward to receive your contributions for the scientific programme and would like to thank you in advance for your support! 

IM_2023_Call for Abstracts


Please submit your contributions until the extended late deadline: 22 May 2023.

Online submission


After reviewing all submitted 2-page extended abstracts, authors will be informed about the adjudication. Accepted abstracts will be either presented as oral or poster presentations.  

Should your abstract not be accepted for presentation or poster, you may cancel your conference registration free of charge.

Click here to get further information for the abstract submission.

Main topics

Abstract submission is possible on the following main topics:

thermodynamics, constitution, phase transformations, defects, diffusion, deformation mechanisms,…
Microstructure/Properties relationships
microstructural stability and characterization, size effects, surface effects and catalysis,…
Structural and functional properties
mechanical characterization, magnetic properties, shape memory behaviour, superplasticity , optical, medical, thermoelectric,…
fracture and crack growth ,…
Environmental resistance
corrosion, coatings, environmental effects ,…
Processing and joining
casting, forging, rolling, machining, powder-based processes, additive manufacturing, recycling…
Recent trends in alloy development and novel applications for Intermetallics (e.g. for green environment)
energy-storage, emission reduction, functionality, interaction with Hydrogen,…

On all aspects, contributions dealing with experiments and/or modelling of intermetallic phases, intermetallic/ductile matrix composites, intermetallic-reinforced metallic alloys, HEAs and CCAs and novel superalloy-type systems will be considered.

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Abstract management

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