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Educational Center Kloster Banz

We have reserved a contingent of rooms at the Kloster Banz. The prices are calculated per room and night (including breakfast).

  1. The following link opens the online booking page:
    Hotel booking
  2. Select your arrival and departure day, as well as the number of persons and rooms.  
  3. Enter the password “2023convent” for allotment and then click “redeem”.
  4. (Accomodation packages will open by them self) Select room and click “continue”:
    1. Choose private guest or company
    2. If the company address is to be specified on the invoice later, select company here and fill out all mandatory fields (also for contact persons)
    3. COUNTRY is also a required field 
  5. For room (single room) enter the name/surname and click “edit”: 
    1. Personal details field opens
  6. Finally, accept the box “Cancellation Policy” and select "book now" 

Please save or print the reservation confirmation.