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Scientific programme

Programme structure

Thank you very much for your interest in the upcoming Intermetallics 2023.
The preliminary programme structure is available now, take a look at our interesting schedule.

Programme structure

Invited and plenary speakers

Petra Spörk-Erdely
Matthias Galetz
Dipankar Banerjee
David Holec
Guiliermo Requena
Jean-Marc Joubert
Lin Song
Mauro Filippini
Toshiaki Horiuchi


Fundamentals: thermodynamics, constitution, phase transformations, defects, diffusion, deformation mechanisms,…  
Microstructure/Properties relationships: microstructural stability and characterization, size effects, surface effects and catalysis ,… 
Structural and functional properties: mechanical characterization, magnetic properties, shape memory behaviour, superplasticity , optical, medical, thermoelectric,…
Failure: fracture and crack growth ,… 
Environmental resistance: corrosion, coatings, environmental effects ,… 
Processing and joining: casting, forging, rolling, machining, powder-based processes, additive manufacturing, recycling…
Recent trends in alloy development and novel applications for Intermetallics (e.g. for green environment): energy-storage, emission reduction, functionality, interaction with Hydrogen,… 

On all aspects, contributions dealing with experiments and/or modelling of intermetallic phases, intermetallic/ductile matrix composites, intermetallic-reinforced metallic alloys, HEAs and CCAs and novel superalloy-type systems will be considered.