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Scientific programme

Thank you very much for your interest in the upcoming Intermetallics 2023.
Our online programme is available now, take a look at our interesting schedule, invited and abstract talks, as well as our poster exhibition. With the QR code you can also open the programme on your mobile device.

Online programme

Invited and plenary speakers

Petra Spörk-Erdely
Matthias Galetz
David Holec
Jean-Marc Joubert
Lin Song
Mauro Filippini
Toshiaki Horiuchi


Fundamentals: thermodynamics, constitution, phase transformations, defects, diffusion, deformation mechanisms,…  
Microstructure/Properties relationships: microstructural stability and characterization, size effects, surface effects and catalysis ,… 
Structural and functional properties: mechanical characterization, magnetic properties, shape memory behaviour, superplasticity , optical, medical, thermoelectric,…
Failure: fracture and crack growth ,… 
Environmental resistance: corrosion, coatings, environmental effects ,… 
Processing and joining: casting, forging, rolling, machining, powder-based processes, additive manufacturing, recycling…
Recent trends in alloy development and novel applications for Intermetallics (e.g. for green environment): energy-storage, emission reduction, functionality, interaction with Hydrogen,… 

On all aspects, contributions dealing with experiments and/or modelling of intermetallic phases, intermetallic/ductile matrix composites, intermetallic-reinforced metallic alloys, HEAs and CCAs and novel superalloy-type systems will be considered.